Tele-Monkey brings together some of Malta’s most talented professionals in the audio/visual industry, to create the island’s first computer animated short film in 3D. When starting Tele-Monkey, each member of the team posessed a professional skill set forged by years of experience already under their belt. Skills that were pushed to the limits for the completion of this project.

These talents cover the entire production requirements to bring Tele-Monkey to the screen, including production design by Matthew Grima Connell, 3D art and modelling by Ivan Saliba, 3D animation by Benji Borg, sound design by Aleksandar Bundalo, original score by Spooky Monkey, and of course, script writing and production and directorial duties by Martin Bonniċi.

Lead by Martin Bonniċi, the crew observed a professional film-making standard for Tele-Monkey, in the hopes that this short film will reveal itself as an example of what the film industry in Malta is capable of producing.
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