As part of the audio/visual industry since 2004, Martin Bonniċi brings a background of art, mathematics and computing to his creative vision. Working throughout the years with a number of production houses, gathering experience in editing, 2D and 3D animation, and visual effects, as well as an overall appreciation of the production process. Apart from producing and creating numerous Tv commercials, corporate presentations and short films, he has also founded one of Malta's first outsider art groups, as well as organised a number of events that promoted new media art and performance. Martin is currently an independent freelancer working on various local and international film and Tv projects as well as director of Shadeena Films.

Role in the film
Tele-Monkey is the brain child of Martin Bonniċi. Who developed the story idea and wrote the original script. Taking on the key roles of producer and director for the short film.

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