Coming from a scientific background, Matt Grima Connell (aka il-Mattu) originally aspired to become a meticulous explosives manufacturer. However in 2005 he decided to settle for digital arts instead. A self-taught graphic designer, illustrator and animator of the nocturnal kind, Matt freelances into the early hours before he clocks in for the day at his full-time job. Radiohead and Tim Burton stand among his main inspirations, and despite the science lodged in his brain, his creative veins scream their passion for animations. He has freelanced his way into major local projects amongst which are the Malta Music Festival and the latest Ira Losco album artwork, and looks forward to more sleepless nights with his beloved illustrated characters and moving figures.

Role in the film
The sources of Matthew's inspiration for his work made him an ideal candidate for designing the look of the film. Creating the world of Tele-Monkey that the character inhabits.

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