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Production Blog #3 - Who's Joe
13 November 2010

So there's a bit of history around our character Joe and I thought I'd go into it a bit here. As you'll notice we've never discussed the design process of our character, something that tends to be an important step in any animation produced. Our lead 3D artist, Ivan did go through a long process of building Joe in 3D, but he wasn't the one to design it. A quick look at the credits and there's no character designer is there? Well Joe came to us somewhat formed. I had been working on the screenplay for quite a while and had the basic story in place, but still couldn't picture the lead character. One day I was visiting a friend and her sister rushed into the room with a soft toy of a monkey shook it in ours face and shouted "Monkey" repeatedly, I guess that something that would annoy most people but I took out my notebook and wrote "Spooky Monkey". Yes Spooky Monkey is the name of the band that did the music for the film, and this moment inspired both the idea of contacting them for the soundtrack but also for the use of their logo as the main character of the film. There were two reasons for this, first Spooky Monkey already had some music that was conceptually in line with the story of "Tele-Monkey"; secondly, their logo (designed by Joseph P. Farrugia) featured a demented looking Monkey which seemed to fit perfectly into the story I had written. 

Martin Bonniċi, Director

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