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Production Blog #6 - Animation needs sound
10 May 2011

Sound is always extremely important for any audio-visual production, but I guess that for animation it's even more so. Sound really makes the animation come to life, it gives it more weight, more character and makes it so much more believable.

Now that we have some completed material, Aleks (our Sound Designer) can finally start exploring the project and going through the same process that the rest of the team went through on the visuals.

Unlike live-action films we don't have location sound, so everything has to be recreated from scratch. Every footstep, sigh, scratch, squeak and hiss has to be created. Sometimes libraries provide some sounds but for this project we decided to work with original material.

So tonight I'm meeting Aleks, and actor Chris Galea will be joining us to spend a few hours running around barefoot, shouting like a monkey and making whatever sounds we might need.

Martin Bonniċi, Director

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