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Production Blog #8 - Editing Animation
7 July 2011

Editing an animation is a somewhat peculiar experience. I had done a lot of editing in the past years, mostly for commercials and corporate projects, both live-action and animated projects. However, I'm finding editing Tele-Monkey to be quite challenging. First off, this is the first stereoscopic project for me and we'll delve into that later on. Secondly, with an animation of this level, we cannot afford to render every possible frame and edit a beautiful image so we have to make due with simple renders like the attached. One would think that it doesn't make much of a difference but actually I did feel something was missing through most of the process, the lighting effects can have a huge impact on the visual narration and therefore the edit.

There will be 3 edits done, the first was at the beginning of the project, created using the storyboard images and used as a rough template for the timing. Later on as scenes starting coming together the simple renders were used to refine an edit. Now that some scenes are locked we are about to start rendering some of them out to start testing everything. As these pop out we'll be introducing them into the edit and making any final adjustments slowly building up to seeing the whole thing.

Martin Bonniċi, Director

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