Since its inception in 2000, Spooky Monkey has established a huge cult following in Malta and abroad, with a strong reputation for addictive funky grooves and spectacular stage performances. Highlights include but not limited to supporting Faithless in 2002, where Spooky Monkey sent the 6000-strong crowd into delirium, and various other unforgettable performances. At the forefront of the band’s unique sounds and concept is the Spooky Monkey himself, a mischievous little creature known for distributing bananas during live gigs and performing inimitable dance routines. This naughty primate has captured the imagination of young and old alike.

Role in the film
Spooky fans will now have the opportunity to see the Spooky Monkey come to life in Tele-Monkey, which will include an exclusive soundtrack featuring brand new tunes from the forthcoming and much awaited album release.

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